April 19, 2024

Black cumin – Gold of the pharaohs

Black cumin has always been known as a beneficial force of nature. Already the ancient Egyptians knew the healing abilities of the small, black seeds and brought these findings on papyrus.

Thus it is known today that even the Pharaoh Tutankhamen was enthusiastic about black cumin and that even after his death an amphora filled with the black gold was added to his grave. Even Cleopatra and Nefertiti are said to have done the same and to have worshipped black seed.

Black cumin – Use the gift of nature

The flowers of ca. 50 cm high black cumin plant is characterized by blue and white discolored tips – already after one year the plant withers and reveals in a bellows capsule the valuable, black seeds. From these seeds again the valuable oil can be won now.

Since however under different Schwarzkümmel kinds differentiated, with the production extreme caution is required. Only the black cumin with the botanical name: „Nigella Sativa“ harbors the valuable seeds. Nowadays, the best supplier of the black gold is considered to be southern Egypt, where the plant grows and thrives best.

The extraordinary quality speaks for itself, valuable oil with essential fatty acids is won here. These vital fatty acids are essential for the human organism, they serve to build indispensable cells and are also necessary for hormone-like substances that support our essential bodily functions. In addition to cell development, cell growth is also of great importance, which is also important for the human body.

Black cumin oil with vital fatty acids

For a healthy and beneficial way of life such healthy fatty acids are indispensable. To maintain this condition, regular intake must be ensured. Since humans are not able to produce these fatty acids from their own strength, however, an intake must be made from the outside.

With the genuine black cumin oil an ideal supplier comes into play, which can be taken not only orally, but is also useful as a skin and hair care product.

Already two softgel capsules contain ca. 1.000 mg of pure and cold-pressed oil, which is also approx. contains 10 mg vitamin E. Experts recommend taking one capsule with sufficient liquid in the morning and one in the evening.

Important: This dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet, but should be used as a supportive measure.