June 21, 2024

The Tantra massage

Tantric massage is a very special form of massage that celebrates the body. The goal is to experience sensuality and one’s own sexuality with dignity and respect.

The aim is not necessarily to reach a climax, but to surrender completely to one’s own sensations.

The Tantra massage

In tantric massage there is a giver and a taker. The recipient of the massage does not touch the masseur or masseuse.

In this form of massage, the giver touches every part of the receiver’s body, not even sparing the sexual organs.

This very special form of massage has nothing to do with an erotic service or prostitution.

The recipient can not usually determine the course of the massage itself. Especially sexual desires are not negotiable at all. The receiver only says where or how he does not want touching.

Tantra massage - experience and enjoy sensuality

The course of a Tantra massage

During a professional Tantra massage, an intensive preliminary talk takes place first.

The motives of the visitor are in the foreground. Reasons can be simple curiosity, physical discomfort or sexual problems.

Then it goes first of all in the shower. This gives the client the opportunity to come to rest. At the same time it can build trust with the masseur.

For the massage, the giver slowly builds up an atmosphere of well-being, so that the receiver can really enjoy with all senses. The massage starts with warm oil and goes from the head to the toes.

Every zone of the body enjoys intense touches. Usually a Tantra massage lasts 1.5 hours or longer. That arousal builds up takes time.

A woman needs about 45 minutes for the yoni (the tantric term for vagina) to open up. Since a 90-minute massage can be too short. Because the longer the massage lasts, the deeper the relaxation at the end.

Yoni and Lingam (the tantric word for penis) are also touched very intensively by the giver. In the case of the man, ejaculation may occur during this process.

If the recipient is willing, the masseur will also touch the anal area and the prostate. In less reputable establishments, a massage vibrator can also be used to provoke the woman’s orgasm.

The goal of the Tantra massage

Often the recipients of such a massage are surprised. The attentive touch triggers unprecedented sensations. The reactions during the massage are very individual.

An orgasm is not the goal. There is no pressure to perform, nor any reason for feelings of shame. The goal is well-being in your own body.

In the best case, the receiver experiences an ecstatic state of complete detachment. This state of intoxication invigorates all cells, charges the body with energy.

A Tantra massage can enhance sex

In many relationships routine creeps in over the years. The sex, whether alone or with a partner, follows a certain pattern.

With a Tantra massage, the physical perception changes for many people. Couples who go through this ritual together are much better able to engage with their partner afterwards.

This massage can be the beginning of a joint sexual journey of exploration. If an ecstatic orgasm occurs, this increases the assessment of how the two partners perceive sex.

This can greatly increase the anticipation of the next meeting.


A Tantra massage leads to complete relaxation. The taker can let himself fall completely. The giver pampers every square inch of the body.

This results in a completely physical, orgasmic state, which has absolutely nothing to do with an erotic service.

This kind of massage can increase the relationship and self-confidence in addition to sex.