April 19, 2024

Relaxing days in Upper Austria

In Upper Austria, in the northernmost part of the Mühlviertel, the vacationer „finds idyllic places in the most beautiful hours and days of the year“, in the region of Bohemian Forest.

A wellness vacation in Austria has gained a special quality in the village of Schöneben in recent years.

Since 2011, the chalet village with its wooden houses has become a household name. Here, particularly gentle wellness and beauty treatments are carried out.

Special Vitalhotels are here on the recovery-looking for guest in exemplary way adjusted.

It would go beyond the scope of this article to list all the areas for a wellness vacation in Austria, so only a few can be mentioned here.

In Bad Schallerbach there are many possibilities to carry out a wellness vacation in this very beautiful landscape.

In the place Geinberg is a Vital hotel, and is for Wellnessliebhaber a special point of attraction.

Here are a total of 11 saunas and steam baths, in which the most diverse infusions are used.

The guest finds here in the middle of the Innviertel a Caribbean salt water lagoon.

A sea aquarium about six meters high, and a grotto for the swimmers are the special attraction. Outside there is still a beautiful sandy beach.

In the heart of the Salzkammergut in Bad Ischl with its Vitalhotels, the guest seeking relaxation will find everything for a health vacation.

The beautiful surroundings with a view of the mountains, the Ischler brine, contribute additionally to the recovery. In Austria’s only „outdoor river landscape“, many visitors will be captivated.

In the sauna section there is also an oriental pampering ceremony. In Bad Hall, in the therapy area there, the brine is successfully applied.

On the Mühlviertler Alm, in Bad Zell there are radon springs, and the most modern whole-body cold chamber of Upper Austria.

The natural remedy radon strengthens the immune system to a special extent and has further, performance-increasing characteristics, so that also healthy humans profit from it.

During a wellness vacation in Austria, a visit to the old baroque town of Schärding should also be on the program.

The city radiates a special kindness, and the visit could be the end of a beautiful day.

In Upper Austria, those seeking relaxation can enjoy a perfect health vacation in the wellness area.

From classic Kneipp cures to physical purification, all possibilities are given here. The days of relaxation remain in memory.