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Biological cancer defense

In Germany more than 300000 people get cancer every year. For those affected and their relatives, the diagnosis of „cancer“ is like a shock. Suddenly questions arise to which there seems to be no right answer. Why it hit me? How could the disease develop? But the most interesting question is: Which therapy is the right one and can I be cured?? Orthodox medicine does not necessarily know the answer to these questions until today.

With the conventional medical methods of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the aim is to remove or destroy as many cancer cells as possible as quickly as possible. But after these treatments, those affected are usually left alone by conventional medicine. It is precisely the aftercare that would be important to prevent relapses or the spread of metastases as much as possible.

Biological cancer defense with holistic approach

This is where the biological cancer defense comes into play. It represents a holistic approach. Biological cancer defense considers the whole person and not only his local disease. Biological cancer defense is understood as an accompanying form of therapy to complement conventional medical treatment. More and more people – patients as well as doctors – trust natural medicine. But what can the gentle medicine do? Can biological healing methods really be successful in the fight against cancer?

Mistletoe therapy

The best known form of treatment to date is Mistletoe therapy. It is said to strengthen the immune system, relieve pain and improve general well-being. Despite numerous studies, however, scientifically correct proof of efficacy is still lacking. However, many patients swear by mistletoe therapy thanks to positive experiences due to improved quality of life. Mistletoe extracts are injected two to three times a week.

Thymus preparations

To strengthen the body’s defenses can also so-called Thymus preparations can be administered. These preparations are obtained from thymus glands of young calves. The thymus gland, along with the spleen, is jointly responsible for the body’s own defenses. In it lymphocytes, certain defense cells, are formed.

Thymus preparations are said to increase not only the activity of the defense cells, but also their number. Thymus preparations can be injected or taken in the form of coated tablets. Before treatment with thymus preparations, it is essential to carry out a tolerance test. Allergy sufferers tolerate u. U. thymus preparations at all.


Also the hyperthermia (overheating) counts to the methods of the biological cancer defense. Different forms are used depending on the type and spread of the cancer:

In whole-body hyperthermia, the entire body is heated to ca. 42 ° C warmed up and thus in an artificial fever state put. The treatment is performed over one hour under light anesthesia. This method is used by. B. on if metastases have already formed in various parts of the body. Heat treatment can improve the effect of chemotherapy.

The so-called heat bed is a somewhat weakened form of whole-body hyperthermia. The body is heated up to 38 to 40 °C. The treatment lasts four to six hours.

With regional and local hyperthermia, the diseased tissue is preferably overheated. This puts less strain on the whole organism. Temperatures of over 45°C are reached, which leads to the direct destruction of cancer cells. There are other special forms of hyperthermia, for example for the treatment of tumors in the abdominal cavity, prostate cancer, lymph node growths and brain tumors

Vaccination with dendritic cells

The vaccination with dendritic cells – a method developed in recent years – is said to be able to prevent metastases. For this purpose, cancer cells are removed from the diseased tissue, reactivated in the laboratory and injected back into the patient as a vaccine. The body’s own immune system should be able to recognize and fight cancer cells more easily through these cells.

Enzyme therapy

In which Enzyme therapy certain protein-splitting (proteolytic) enzymes such as papain from the unripe papaya and bromelain from the pineapple as well as trypsin and chymotrypsin are administered – usually in the form of coated tablets. They are said to be able to dissolve the altered surface structures of cancer cells and to remove the so-called antigens, d.h. To expose recognition features for the body’s own defense system.

The cancer cells can be better recognized as foreign cells and thus be more easily fought by the body’s defense system. In addition, these enzymes have a blood-thinning effect, so that the growth of metastases is made more difficult with better flowing blood. Finally, enzymes can also dissolve so-called immune complexes and fibrin, which are often found in tumors.

Mycotherapy – Therapy with medicinal mushrooms

The Mycotherapy (therapy with medicinal mushrooms) uses the immune-boosting effect of certain Asian and Brazilian mushrooms. In cancer therapy, medicinal mushroom extracts are usually administered alone or in combination with mushroom powder. The best known are the shiitake, the reishi, the maitake and the Agaricus blazei Murill. The o. g. Medicinal mushrooms contain so-called ß-D-glucans, which can stimulate practically all types of the body’s own defense cells.

According to a new holistic approach of the author of this article, in order to enhance the biological effect, the Enzyme therapy with the Mycotherapy can be combined. As other cancer-inhibiting natural substances are Selenium and Lycopene suggested for combination therapy. In the presence of metastases, the administration of an extract of the Field bindweed recommended. This can also be combined with taking medicinal mushroom preparations, selenium and lycopene.

Selenium and lycopene

Selenium – administered as sodium selenite in doses of a few hundred millionths of a gram or microgram – can also strengthen the body’s own defenses. Selenium also acts as a radical scavenger. In addition, selenium can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and prevent the formation of edema, according to patients’ reports.

Lycopene – the red tomato pigment – has a particularly inhibitory effect on prostate cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the digestive tract. It should u. a. improve the ability of cells to communicate with each other and counteract the formation of new cancer cells.

Extract of the field bindweed

An extract of field bindweed, according to U.S. reports, has a positive effect on metastases by counteracting the formation of new blood vessels necessary for the growth and supply of a tumor. This can cause a regression or even the disappearance of metastases.

Biological cancer defense - extract of field bindweed

Rennomized cancer clinics now rely on the extract of field bindweed after great successes have been shown in animal experiments. Amazing results have already been shown in humans, even in patients with ovarian cancer and advanced breast cancer, the tumors were significantly reduced in size.

Author: Dr. Harald Knote

Further information about special treatment methods of the biological cancer defense and addresses of clinics, which use biological treatment methods, are available at the

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The books mentioned can be purchased in bookstores or via Internet mail order, z.B. at (search word cancer defense) be ordered.

Dr. rer. nat. Harald Knote was born in Heilbronn-Frankenbach in 1955. He studied chemistry at the University of Ulm and received his doctorate from the University of Stuttgart in 1986. Since then, he has been working in the field of occupational and environmental. His fields of interest in his spare time are natural product chemistry and alternative healing methods. He conducts literatrur and Internet research as well as independent research.