May 30, 2024

Off to the board and into the fresh air – skateboarding is not just a good leisure sport

Children and young people should be able to move as much as possible. Ideally, several hours a day in the fresh air, summer or winter. Skateboarding or jogging is a good recreational sport in this respect.

Because not only the movement as such is important for the development of motor skills and balance of a child.

Also the necessary and required daily dose of oxygen is an important component for a healthy body cycle. The more they move, the better.

Because sitting a lot at school alone is not really conducive to a child’s agile musculoskeletal system, which is still in the process of maturing itself.

The physical education classes, which usually take place once a week, are not sufficient here either for utilization and movement. Therefore, it is even more important that children move as much as possible every day.

Strengthening the bones, building up the muscles, filling up with oxygen, and blowing through the bronchial tubes and lungs are just a few of the positive effects and benefits of exercise and sport with the board.

Skateboarding also awakens all the senses, trains balance, kids are usually in the company of like-minded people, balance is put to the test and you always have to keep moving. What more could you want?

skateboarding trains motor skills

The skateboard has been an extremely popular sport and leisure activity since its invention in the 1950s, especially in the USA. It is still practiced today all over the world, everywhere it is possible.

Several parks with halfpipes and obstacles are available to kids in almost all cities, and skaters also like to use other natural obstacles and structures to practice their tricks and jumps.

This means that they can get started with their board as soon as they step outside the front door.

Skateboards are available in all different variations and designs, they are graded according to shoe sizes and body sizes and weight and also what exactly one would rather do: streetboarding or rather for practicing flips and jumps in parks and Co.

The easiest way to find a good and suitable board are z.B. these complete skateboards.

With them the kids can master almost everything. The training of motor skills and balance is particularly effective in skateboarding and this is very important for the development and healthy growth of young people.

In this time the whole body functions are strengthened and above all in this way also the immune system is brought up to speed and strengthened.

Falls included

Falling is part of the practice phase of skating and also this can demand a lot of positives besides the bruises. Because in this way, caution and foresight are trained and strengthened.

Children who can harden themselves in this way are usually also less sensitive.

Another advantage of skating is also that the purchase is quite simple as well as inexpensive and: It can be done almost everywhere, in the city, in front of the door, on sidewalks and other flat tracks.

In parks, on vacation and even on beach prommenades. It can be unceremoniously tucked under the arm or stowed in the backpack.

Actually there are no barriers and borders for skating in general. On the contrary. They are often used by the youngsters as a challenge and a welcome challenge.

Strengthening the immune system

The fact that children who are always outdoors are definitely healthier has been scientifically proven and is no longer a secret.

The Auspowern by sporty activities in associations, in groups or also with the best friends and Co. makes not only fun, but immensely important for body, spirit and soul.

Satisfaction sets in with the kids, they are busy and in addition the movement in the fresh air is also a very good and adequate counterpart and balance to homework, school and being at home.

Because also the stay, the being together at home with the family and the brothers and sisters belongs to the everyday life and the regulated everyday life in addition.

And children who spend a lot of time outdoors are simply more balanced and clearly more likely to be satisfied than those who always just sit at home and work on their PC or smartphone or in front of the TV.

Overweight and dissatisfaction up to the aggressive behavior are by the way not seldom the case with children, who come little outside.

In addition, there is the big and self-made problem of overweight. Many children who do little exercise inevitably gain weight.

If then also the nutrition is wrongly selected and from Fastfood and CO. is mastered, the body weight increases, the fat pads grow and the child becomes overweight.

Health consequences such as diabetes, high fat values and increased cholesterol values as well as high blood pressure and other illnesses do not remain then not out.