June 21, 2024

Galvanic healing current as an anti-aging weapon

Have you ever wondered why time seems to stop for some people and speed up for others when it comes to appearance?

The essential needs of the skin

The skin has up to 10 essential needs to look healthy and beautiful. For healthy functioning and beautiful appearance of the skin, it is important to determine its special needs and meet them with a comprehensive care program.

The 10 most important needs of the skin can be divided into two categories:

1. Basic needs: the minimum daily requirements and care steps that all skin types have.

  • Cleansing,
  • Clarify,
  • Protection (during the day),
  • Moisture (evening).

2. Individual needs: are fulfilled by additional care measures.

  • Nourish,
  • Treat,
  • Refine,
  • Peeling,
  • Masks,
  • Revitalize.

The basic and individual needs together constitute the essential needs of the skin.

Galvanic healing current for the skin

In 1791 Luigi Galvani was the first to use galvanic currents for health benefits. You can find more information at www.gghev.de.

Galvanic healing current is used in cosmetics to facilitate the transport of effective ingredients into the skin. For more than 50 years, professional spa providers have applied gentle galvanic current to skin care programs to stimulate cellular energy and boost cellular metabolism, clearing skin and improving complexion.

Galvanic healing current as a home application

Is available as a handy, programmable device for home use, with noticeable and visible results after only 1 application. While conventional care only works on the surface, galvanic current applications cleanse and detoxify the skin so that subsequent care can work optimally.