July 15, 2024

Is argan oil helpful for cellulite?

Argan oil is a very precious and rich oil. It is one of the most valuable oils in the world. This unique oil comes originally from Morocco.

The legendary argan trees and their fruits are found in the southwest of Morocco. The high quality oil is extracted from the kernels and seeds of the fruit. The harvest is a real manual work.

Only when the ripe fruits have fallen from the tree, they are picked up by hand from the ground. The processing of these fruits is time consuming and is mainly done by women at home.

First the pulp is removed and then the seeds are cracked open. The so obtained seeds are processed further, until the oil is finally present as a final product.

Argan oil for your health

Argan oil is good for internal and external use in us humans. It is very suitable for cooking and frying. But when it comes to your health, argan oil is unbeatable. The advantages are clear.

Argan oil is a boon for your hair, helps with psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

But that is not all. It is especially suitable for facial care. It helps to reduce wrinkles, helps with acne and pimples.

Your eyelashes will also grow and become thicker if they are pampered daily with this oil. Your face will radiate after a few applications and simply look fresher.

Forget about day and night creams. Argan oil is good as a day and night cream.

Argan oil for cellulite

Many women are always annoyed by their cellulite on the thighs. It is a connective tissue weakness that causes dells and redness on the upper legs and buttocks. The so-called orange peel skin is the consequence, caused by a weak connective tissue.

Our recommendation to the ladies is, try argan oil against cellulite. Often unnecessary money is spent.

Cellulite is treated with expensive creams or with weak current. All nonsense, the only thing that really helps against cellulite when used correctly is argan oil.

The correct application with argan oil makes the success

Argan oil is THE skin care product already for thousands of years. Its composition is similar to that of human skin fat. So it is absorbed very quickly and makes the skin elastic and smooth again.

The skin stores this moisture very well and quickly, even if it was previously very dehydrated. But argan oil can do even more.

It stimulates blood circulation, improving tissue microcirculation even in the deeper layers of the skin. Forget all expensive creams and treatments. Argan oil against cellulite is a real insider tip in the ladies’ world.