July 15, 2024

Myths about cosmetic surgery

In many people’s mouths, cosmetic surgery remains infamous and there are countless versions and variations of it: Myths about surgery. It exists, the desired remedy, for several years already. That on 26.02.Patients’ Rights Act, which came into force in 2013, clearly regulates the treatment contract between doctor and patient.

This is regulated in the German Civil Code (BGB) in ยง 630 a and b. But what is really true and what is absolute humbug? We clarify! For a professional and individual consultation visit this surgery practice from Hanover.

Is Botox toxic?

Botox is said to give an unnatural facial expression similar to that of a doll after injection. Often it is talked about that then whole facial areas would be paralyzed and could no longer be moved. This, of course, discourages many to even consider the possibility of Botox injections in the first place.

The fear that you might look like some botched celebrities, whose plastic surgeons probably didn’t score points for skill, is far too great. In principle, of course, it is possible and there is nothing that does not exist. However, the doctor in cosmetic surgery will only work in this way if his patient really wants to look like that or he has no experience in this area.

The goal of women is often that every little wrinkle disappears forever. It’s not enough here yet, and it’s not enough there either. But of course, incorrectly placed injections can also cause inflammation or the body to form capsules, which then appear unsightly and cause severe pain.

But let us reassure you: Botox has been successfully used in cosmetics for more than 30 years. Of course, it is true that it does not always help to achieve a natural facial expression. The dosage probably plays the most essential role here. Always have the injection performed only by an experienced professional. This is how you will get the desired result. But Botox is not toxic.

Cosmetic surgery – The size of the implants is the most important thing in surgery

What good are huge breasts if one of them is to the left and the other one hangs unattractively in the length? Correct. Nothing at all. Much more important is the shape of the breasts. The fullness and firmness of the existing breast also play an important role. An implant can visibly change the proportion in the body, but often it is still necessary to additionally tighten the breast and remove excess skin.

Especially after pregnancy, the breasts often hang limp. Therefore, let only a cosmetic surgeon touch your breasts and the rest of your body. He decides what size would be ideal for you and whether possibly, for an ideal result, still a tightening should be carried out.

If you only have the implants inserted, although a tightening would have been necessary, the breasts will hang limp again after a short time, this is unfortunately the law of gravity. Your cosmetic surgeon will be happy to help you against the signs of aging, but he, like you, is powerless against gravity.

Shape of the breasts in cosmetic surgery

Every woman knows what she wants

If a woman is not satisfied with her figure, which she looks at in the mirror every day, the external charms of other women can quickly become a problem. Of course, the appearance of the breast changes with age. Often it is not properly formed even at a young age and therefore remains smaller.

The rude awakening of patients often comes in the very first consultation. Which plans can be implemented and how, and which interventions are strongly discouraged?

If the desired breasts or nose do not fit in at all with the overall appearance and make it look unattractive, or if the large implants even cause considerable damage to the back, you will not enjoy the operation at all. In this case, the surgeon will advise you against it from the beginning.

Age plays the lesser role in the operation. Much more important are the physical condition and the psychological state respectively. psychological intentions. Every woman should make this decision for herself, completely independent of any external factors.

Individual advice can be found at any time without obligation from us. We will be happy to advise you and respond to your individual wishes. Visit this surgical practice from Hannover. You are still undecided? Contact us. We clear your doubts and clarify all open questions with you. You decide whether in person or by phone.