May 30, 2024

Finally nonsmoker – With these Tipps it works out with the stopping

Especially at the end of the year, many smokers make the resolution to finally become non-smokers. The fewest really keep their plan – namely only 15%, as studies show.

Nowadays there is a lot of valuable help to stop smoking. Becoming a non-smoker through hypnosis is one way, for example.

The following article shows which other tips help to remain consistent and disciplined.

The benefits of being a non-smoker quickly become apparent!

Respiratory function is improved after only three days of cigarette abstinence. Blood pressure drops after one week and shortness of breath and coughing fits decrease after nine months.

Mucus in the lungs is loosened and sinuses are cleared. In addition, the risk of infection is also reduced.

The risk of cardiovascular disease returns to the same level as a non-smoker after two years without cigarettes.

After five years, the same applies to cancers of the urinary bladder, esophagus, pharynx and oral cavity.

Likewise, the risk of stroke is reduced after a cigarette-free period of between two and five years.

Longer life

Calculations indicate that smoking more than ten cigarettes a day shortens the life expectancy of women by 7.3 years and that of men by 9.4 years.

This is in any case one of the strongest arguments to finally quit smoking. After all, one’s life is the most precious thing people have.

Save a lot of money

Smoking is expensive. If only ten cigarettes are used per day, this will result in costs of around 11% in ten years.680 euros after themselves.

For this money, of course, many other nice things can be bought, for example, an in-house sauna with LED sky.

Very heavy smokers, who smoke 30 cigarettes per day, give up even more than 70 in 20 years.000 off – this would correspond to a great old-age provision.

Future non-smoker – quitting should be prepared thoroughly

For the project a concrete date should be absolutely specified. It is best if this falls at a time when there is as little stress as possible.

Situations that increase the desire to smoke, such as going to a pub, should also be avoided, at least in the early days. Distraction can be sought much better in sports activities.

People who are about to quit smoking are often easily irritable, restless and in a bad mood. Any physical withdrawal symptoms can be lessened by fresh fruit, water, tea and sugar-free gum.

Also available are inhalers, tablets or patches that contain nicotine. Through these, the advantage arises that former smokers can fully concentrate on the psychological withdrawal symptoms in the first step.

Avoid temptations

Whether boredom, stress at the office or a visit to the pub: former smokers are often exposed to situations in which they feel an increased urge for a cigarette.

In these moments, the best thing to do is to leave the situation in question as quickly as possible and seek another distraction.

In the short term, it also helps to take ten deep breaths. This creates a feeling of relaxation and postpones the desire to smoke. Good luck – it’s worth it!