April 19, 2024

Hepatitis liver inflammation online check

With a short online check, the risk of suffering undetected from an often life-threatening liver inflammation (hepatitis) can be significantly reduced.

Hepatitis – liver inflammation

As is generally known, hepatitis is a liver disease. Fewer people know that hepatitis A, B or C is classified according to the virus that causes it.

In general, little is known about the disease in the general public. This is also reflected in the fact that nationwide an estimated 1.000.000 people have contracted hepatitis – most of them without knowing it.

This is due to the fact that the symptoms of hepatitis disease are difficult to assign flawlessly. Thus, an infection is often accompanied by fatigue, lack of concentration and pressure pain in the upper abdomen.

If hepatitis (liver inflammation) is suspected, an online liver test makes sense

If you observe these symptoms, it makes sense to take the online liver test. It is also recommended for members of risk groups.

This includes in particular people who have had a tattoo or piercing under possibly non-sterile conditions and patients who received blood transfusions in the eighties and nineties. You can access the liver test at www.liver test.de.

Please note, however, that the test does not replace a visit to the doctor.