June 21, 2024

Which is the most optimal heater for me?

The radiator… a furnishing item that has already become an important item for decades. Even the old cast iron heaters have overtaken our time.

Many ideas for a stylish home

There are many designers who, in your wealth of creativity, create many innovative radiator models. Real home furnishings with functionality and design.

Radiators warm up the room and also decorate it effectively. The time of the inflexible and stillless radiators is past.

No more boring one-size-fits-all models adorn the wall; instead, models that stylishly decorate entire walls are offered.

Especially towel warmers are excellent for bathrooms and at the same time provide a pleasant and relaxing ambience.

Erco’s towel warmer Monica

Towel warmers are generally a little smaller than ordinary heating models – they serve more or less to provide comfort quickly and easily.

Thanks to its round tubes make it very functional. Here you can quickly hang towels or bathrobes to have them always pleasantly dry at hand.

Especially with children in the household, these offer themselves optimally.

Erco's Monica towel warmer

Hydraulic heater brushed stainless steel Snake by Scirocco H

This type of design will never go out of fashion. Original and extremely personalized creativity, which adapts to classic, modern as well as retro or vintage interiors.

Towel warmers can be built up in numerous forms and you differ outstandingly in your color variety. Whether black or colorful, they charm the ambience.

And what do you say to radiators in the living room or hallway, where it may be perceived as a mirror?

Here at first glance you see an ordinary mirror, and on the second you catch a pleasant feeling of warmth. Here you kill two birds with one stone.

Design radiator disguised as a mirror 2400 watts Mirrorstyle

If you have art and a creative sense of taste, you should go for stylish radiators.

Our radiator models can all be customized with a personal photo or pictures.

Design radiator disguised as a mirror

Design radiators with mirror motif up to 2400 watts Notestyle

Design radiator with mirror motif up to 2400 watts Notestyle

Hydraulic radiators up to 2400 watts with colorful motifs Tubestyle

Nowadays a radiator can be disguised as a cactus or a musical note, perfect for a modern home.

Hydraulic radiators up to 2400 watts with colorful designs Tubestyle

Modern radiator 730 watts disguised as a cactus Cactusstyle

Radiator 730 watts disguised as a cactus Cactusstyle

Alternatively, there are also radiators, super transparent and super flat, colorfully designed or simply with a white plate.

They are chic, the highlights in residential interiors and deliver a unique effect.

With this surface can be creative, whether designed in the same wall color or equipped with an abstract cover, this offers a real contrast to unit models.

For those who love the naturalness of wood offers this newcomer – a radiator with a wooden cover, equipped with a coating in which nothing opposes its functionality.

Electric radiators modern with a wood coating Jonny made in Italy

This radiator combines the natural shapes and life scars of wood, style, design, functionality and high quality technology, made internally in Italy.

It is its unique coating Venetian pile wood, which provides your wall with aesthetic warmth.

Electric radiator modern with a wooden coating Jonny made in Italy

Discover our refined and elegant radiators and visit us on our website where you can find more than 20000 items for private rooms and public facilities.

Here you will find many useful ideas to furnish your home stylish Italian at incredible prices!