July 15, 2024

Choose the best dietary supplement!

We all want to live long and healthy and stay in good shape. However, our current rhythm of life often prevents us from disregarding even the most important rules of a healthy diet.

We forget the basics of a healthy diet, neglect the necessary physical activity and care for our physical well-being.

It would be enough to know what a food pyramid is, to follow its recommendations and, if necessary, to buy the appropriate products (e.g., food, food). as a dietary supplement) to stay in top shape!

The World Health Organization produces guidelines every year on the principles of healthy eating and healthy living, and it would be advisable for everyone to follow these guidelines.

A so-called food pyramid is also being developed, which is a clear signpost for doctors and nutritionists around the world who advise their patients.

Let’s take a look at how the right diet should be. A diet that will keep us healthy and in good shape for many years to come.

Learn the basics of the food pyramid in 60 seconds.

The food pyramid is a set of recommendations for daily nutrition.

But to the surprise of many, there is nothing to eat at the bottom of the food pyramid: Physical activity is the foundation for maintaining health.

Every day we should plan 30-45 minutes for a walk, a bike ride, an aerobics class or a workout in the gym. Even moderate exercise is of great benefit to our bodies. The next step is the food.

A healthy diet should be based on fruits and vegetables. The WHO recommends that at least 50% of all calories consumed during the day should come from these foods. Another 25% are cereal products, of course only whole grains.

The rest of the menu consists of dairy products, meat, fish and a small amount of high-quality vegetable fats. Unfortunately, our menu usually does not correspond to the recommendations of specialists. So what can be done about it?

Change your eating habits.

Statistically, 80% of people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, and often there is not a single tomato or apple on their plates. But why is it so? After all, it is the vegetables that provide the body with the most necessary ingredients.

Thanks to this, we are protected from many diseases, we have energy, and our internal organs can function perfectly.

Instead of vegetables and fruits, people love fast food. Rather a hearty piece of pork than healthy dishes made from beans, chickpeas or soy. Instead of apples or pears, we prefer unhealthy, very sweet snacks.

The only way to finally take care of your own health properly is to radically change your eating habits, which is certainly not easy to do. On your menu you must systematically introduce more and more vegetables and fruits.

In addition, it is worthwhile to add some ingredients as dietary supplements, which are missing in the daily diet or are present only in small quantities.