July 15, 2024

Staying fit by snorkeling on vacation

Many people love the cool water and regularly go swimming, diving, surfing or snorkeling. And so old and young cavort in the sea, in bathing lakes and in open-air swimming pools.

However, it should not remain with an occasional pleasure, so that the body profits also lastingly from the water sport.

Water is not only about relieving stress, washing away worries and making people feel weightless. With an occasional bath, no one can benefit from the many beneficial effects.

Various water sports also offer many beneficial effects. Especially sporty swimming is recommended as a basic training, which can be done for a lifetime.

How can snorkeling make fit?

Training can have a comprehensive effect, but this also requires practicing two to four times a week. It does not matter whether you swim crawl, backstroke, breaststroke or dolphin swim.

A measurable and sustainable improvement of endurance performance can always be achieved. The endurance shows then not only in sports, but also in everyday life.

Many activities are then less strenuous and swimmers recover more quickly. Snorkeling and diving belong rather to the leisure pleasures, which are pursued in the vacation.

Snorkeling with a snorkel mask is relatively unproblematic compared to scuba diving, where people stay on the surface of the water.

Although the occasional snorkeling and diving does not show any training effects, but still positive properties of the water have a positive effect.

Snorkeling can nevertheless be called fitness, because the spine relaxes and the joints become more mobile and relieved of stress.

For many newcomers, however, lung breathing takes some getting used to, and panic and fear quickly set in when water enters the snorkel.

The fear is however unfounded, because it concerns with the snorkel mask a safe kind of sport. After all, anyone can surface at any time and then inhale.

If snorkeling is done recreationally, there is also a hardly measurable permanent effect on lung volume.

However, those who snorkel often have an impressive volume, which can then be seen during lung function testing.

A large part of the movement in snorkeling comes from the legs and usually fins are worn to optimize the locomotion. Thanks to the beating, steady movement, the leg muscles are strengthened and trained.

This not only affects the leg muscles, but also the connective tissue. Tissue can become firmer through fitness, muscles become more defined and overall appearance is improved.

If you want to improve your endurance, you don’t have to go all out, because a moderately strenuous workout is enough.

A suitable snorkel mask is part of it

The snorkel mask is used for breathing under water and compared to the snorkel set there is not the separate snorkel with mouthpiece.

Thanks to new technology, users can breathe freely as if above water, because the masks are often pulled over the entire face. Eyes, mouth and nose are therefore in the snorkeling mask.

A good snorkel mask offers a very good workmanship and the field of vision is often made of plastic or better of tempered glass. The tempered glass is scratch and crack resistant and it does not fog up easily.

A good snorkel mask offers a very good comfort and the breathing is very pleasant, because it can be done with mouth and nose.

It is always important that the size is right and the quality of the material is also important. Classic variants of the snorkel mask consist of two parts and new innovative models are connected.