June 21, 2024

Pilates training – gentle training for the body

The holistic Pilates training can be done at any age and with almost any constitution. The method has gained a firm place in physical training and rehabilitation.

Classic Pilates can be combined with modern concepts or used as an introduction to other sports.

The origins of Pilates

The training goes back to the nurse Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who invented it at the beginning of the 20th century. Century developed. For his concept of stretching and strengthening exercises he combined elements of acrobatics, classical ballet, martial arts and yoga.

His motivation was to fight his own physical deficits. As a boy, he suffered from rickets and asthma, which drove him to participate in a variety of sports such as boxing and swimming.

As Joseph H. Pilates during the First World War in an internment camp on fellow prisoners with the concept of successful rehabilitation measures, he gained attention for the first time.

After emigrating to New York in 1926, he opened his first Pilates studio, where he trained numerous celebrities and the dancers of the New York City Ballet.

Why is Pilates training so successful?

Pilates training is so popular mainly because of its gentleness.. Although the exercises are performed slowly, they are extremely effective. Pilates trains strength, coordination and endurance and strengthens the whole body.

Pilates training with a physiotherapist stabilizes balance and creates the best conditions for meeting daily demands with energy.

Pilates training is also suitable for elderly people to maintain their fitness and mobility. Pilates has also integrated fall prophylactic exercises as well as coordination training, which is especially important in old age.

The training is good for the mind, which benefits from the systematic exercises. During Pilates training, muscles and muscle groups are specifically addressed, stretched and relaxed again.

It depends on the quality and not on the quantity of the exercises. Special importance has the conscious breathing, an element from yoga.

Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to the center of the body. Breathing activates the power center, the spine is stabilized and the waist becomes slimmer almost incidentally.

Pilates training is ideal for losing weight

Pilates training gives you strength without building up large muscle packs. The body becomes firmer and more balanced.

As Pilates improves control over the body, it also stimulates concentration and subsequent relaxation. Stress and tension are released as if by magic. All this has positive effects on self-esteem.

Through the training of body awareness, one can better interpret one’s own body signals. With the training that is easy on the joints, even overweight people can exercise without risk of injury.

The intensity can be adjusted and no one is overstrained. The training effect is still high. This makes it much easier to reduce weight.

A protein-rich diet in addition promotes an athletic lifestyle and helps to lose weight and stay fit. Because of the sometimes better tolerance and other positive effects on health, vegetable protein is often preferable to animal protein.

Who wants to have it particularly simply, can increase the protein portion in the own nutrition by food additions, like vegetable protein powder (here a listing).

Pilates training activates muscles and joints without overloading them. After a few weeks of training, you will have acquired a new posture and integrated the workout into your everyday life.

The effect on the whole organism is remarkable: those who practice Pilates walk more upright, become more relaxed and naturally slimmer without any effort.

Because the exercises are very simple, even children can practice Pilates easily. With Pilates you can prevent back problems and gently correct bad posture. The method is also suitable for pregnancy.

Training with the Pilates roller

The Pilates roll is used in yoga, Pilates, for balance exercises and also in the field of physiotherapy or rehabilitation. The Pilates roll enables a whole-body workout with flexible and varied forms of exercise.