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Queen of the medicinal plants – Artemisia Annua

Artemisia annua (annual mugwort) contains a symphony of nutrients, more than 400 health-related components that work together synergistically. This ancient medicinal plant was rediscovered only in the 1950s in China. Pharmacologist Youyou Tu was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for this in 2015.

Artemisia annua is the crown jewel in the treasure trove of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The Chinese knew more than 2000 years ago that it can be used to cure malaria, fever, tumors.

The medicinal plant can be used against all herpes viruses, fungi such as Candida albicans, Borrelia, Plasmodia, worms, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, even against multi-resistant hospital germs, against viruses causing hepatitis A, B or C. Today’s cultivation areas are u.a. Vietnam, China and Tenerife.

Antioxidant potential of the plant

Artemisia annuae is one of the plants with the highest antioxidant potential measured by the ORAC value. This value means OXIGEN RADICAL ABSORBANCE CAPACITY this is the value with which the antioxidant power of fruit u. Vegetables are measured.

In Europe the outlier upwards is the blueberry with an ORAC value of approx. 2630 Points. Artemisia annuae has a ORAC value of approx. 70 000 and is surpassed only by a few plants. Moringa oleifera (moringa tree) achieves a value of up to 100 000 and is the total outlier upwards.

Active ingredients of Artemisia annuae

Artemisia annuae contains the Active ingredient ARTEMISININ, this substance is isolated from the plant and successfully used for antimalarial drugs. In Artemisia afro (African mugwort) and also in Artemisia vulgaris (common mugwort) the active ingredient artemisinin is not contained and nevertheless the just mentioned mugwort plants, as well as the annual mugwort can be used against malaria.

From this knowledge one must conclude that symphony of all the plant’s ca. 600 active ingredients have a synergistic effect. So the whole plant is hard to beat in terms of value.

Artemisia annuae also contains a complete and balanced amino acid profile, which the body needs to build healthy tissues. Furthermore, bitter substances and a lot of chlorophyll are contained, which also make a high contribution to health.

Use for parasite infestations in the intestinal tract

Ca. 80% of the immune system is built up in the intestine. Parasites, fungus, worms of any kind and many pests disturb the healthy intestine, especially their metabolism affects our well-being.

Worms, parasites, protozoa, microbes weaken our immune system and their excretory products burden and damage the liver.

Artemisia annuae can:

  • eliminate toxins,
  • support the healthy intestinal flora,
  • eliminate pathogenic (disease-causing) germs,
  • clean arteries and veins (deposits),
  • activate the metabolism,
  • rejuvenate the organism by enzyme cocktail,
  • used for chronic inflammation of the intestine,
  • kill all kinds of worms and worm eggs,
  • eliminate liver flukes and parasites and deposits of drug residues,
  • cartilage and cartilage lubricating effect.

Moreover, the plant can help the organism to adapt to increased stress situations (adaptogen).

recommended as a cure for worm or parasite infestation

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Artemisia, queen of medicinal plants
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