May 30, 2024

Allergy prevention without medicine

The scientific company AIR SOLUTION from Bremen sets new standards in allergy prevention. Allergy sufferers can get rid of their symptoms in respiratory allergies without medicine. All this with a worldwide unique procedure in a natural way!

Allergies, ca. 15.000.000 German citizens suffer from this insidious disease. Taking palliative medicine can put additional strain on the body and side effects often occur. Here, in most cases, the cause is found in the indoor air.

Allergies are reactions to substances foreign to the body, whereby these allergens&#8220react with antibodies produced in the body by certain cells, resulting in the release of histamine, which causes allergic symptoms of varying severity.

Thus, allergies are caused by a misdirected immune response directed against allergenic proteins. These proteins are often enzymes, but also molds, animal dander, pollen and excretions of dust mites.

In the case of house dust allergy, an immune reaction is triggered in the affected person, which often resembles a reaction to pathogens.

This overreaction to substances that are basically not harmful to the body is caused by the feces of dust mites. Mites feed on skin flakes that humans shed every day.

The excrement of the mites as a trigger of allergic reactions enters the respiratory tract through the air, so that as a result the immune system reacts and the eyes water, the nose itches, the mucous membranes swell and manifestations of allergic asthma can occur.

The air, a vital element

20 000 times we breathe in and out every day. We draw 12,000 liters of air into our lungs to extract oxygen from it. More than 90 percent of our time is spent indoors – exactly where the air is at its worst.

Airborne pollutants come from different sources and occur in liquid or solid form. The ultramicroscopic particles are generally summarized under the collective term particles and are also potential carriers of microorganisms !

Around 20 million such particles are found in one cubic meter of indoor air. Twenty times more than at a busy road junction. The combination of polluted air and too dry air can have devastating consequences for health.

The air we breathe every day is increasingly contaminated with pollutants. House dust, pollen, tobacco smoke and countless other particles promote allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.

The number of allergy sufferers increases dramatically in parallel with the pollution of our air. Today already every third person is affected by an allergic disease.

It’s no surprise that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to our health.

Several large-scale studies have consistently proven that preventive measures (such as the AIR SOLUTION process) can prevent allergies from occurring in the first place, or at least significantly reduce their onset.

Especially in children: In about half(!) of children with a hereditary increased risk of allergy, an occurrence of the allergy in the first three to five years of life can be reduced.

AIR SOLUTION Applications in Allergy Prevention

The AIR SOLUTION® hygiene process has been successfully used for more than 15 years not only for natural hygiene protection in food production, but also in hospitals, nursing homes and private households for allergy prevention and the reduction of respiratory allergies without the use of medicine.

In clinical tests with the AIR SOLUTION® hygiene process, dangerous germs such as MRSA, but also Noro viruses have been eliminated safely and quickly. This with a natural active ingredient, which is analytically similar to the ingredients of milk.

Leading nursing homes and medical experts use the AIR SOLUTION® method and recommend it without any restrictions and to service & economically oriented professional colleagues.

In addition to the health-promoting properties of the AIR SOLUTION® process, the economic advantages are also particularly significant:

  • Significant reduction of sick leave due to infectious diseases of employees (over 7%),
  • Significantly reduces the spread of infections in the facilities (including Noro viruses),
  • Simple and fast complete room disinfection of all fixtures, without personnel expenses,
  • Reducing respiratory illnesses and allergies in the home,
  • Active ingredient with nature-identical ingredients,
  • Simple and safe application technique,
  • Natural hygiene process.

With these advantages, in addition to the increased hygiene protection, allergy prevention, infection protection, the costs can also be significantly reduced, since the AIR SOLUTION® hygiene application can be used automatically and without personnel expenditure.